Feb 27, 2023Liked by Phoenix Kelley

Rest assured that Detroit Edison has done its share for corporate greed and ineptitude on this side of the state. We have friends who are being told maybe on Wednesday. And there's another ice storm coming tomorrow.

Love to you and all of yours. Thanks for all the rainbows. 🌈

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Feb 28, 2023Liked by Phoenix Kelley

Been following along on Masto, glad to hear you’ve got power back on. Didn’t wanna add pressure by asking after you’all as you know, but was worried for you folks. I have lived through assorted multi day power outages (including the ice storm of ‘98 that blacked out all of Quebec and huge chunks of Ottawa for weeks and didn’t get fully restored for over a month) but was lucky enough to be in an urban environment those times, which was rough enough. I’m relieved to hear you all made it through. What you have built is obviously a thing of beauty and you should all take pride in having weathered such a trial and come through safely and relatively healthy.

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Mar 3, 2023Liked by Phoenix Kelley

Yep I feel this, we were without for a week as well. And several of our backup systems failed. It was a very cold week! I'm determined not to be caught so flat footed again.

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